Our democracy is under attack.

Will you resist?

America has a long tradition of ideological divisions and fierce electoral battles.  Republicans, Democrats, and Independents have all won and lost in the past.

This is different.

Our democratic traditions are under attack.  The Trump regime is not a traditional Republican administration. It represents a kind of political nihilism, using the power of the White House to exploit vulnerabilities in our society.  It is a regime that mocks decency, rejects the authority of the courts, makes an enemy out of the press, and actively encourages propaganda in an attempt to shape an alternate reality.

DC will resist this attempt to undermine our system and our values.  The city Trump calls “the Swamp” is also the place with the longest legacy of protecting our democratic traditions.  If the center of the regime is here, so too will be the heart of the resistance.

There is no political or ideological requirement to join.  You can be Republican, Democrat, Socialist, Anarchist, Libertarian, or anything else, as long as you object to what is happening and are willing to resist the attack on our country.