Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are we resisting?
We are resisting all of the things this Administration has tried to do to make our country weaker.
– We RESIST racial division, religious hatred, and efforts to normalize white supremacy.
– We RESIST attempts to undermine democratic norms and standards of decency.
– We RESIST efforts to discredit the media, the Intelligence Community, and the FBI.
– We RESIST the corruption carried out by the Trump family under the protection of the GOP.
– We RESIST the normalization of sexual assault and the protection for people so accused.

What are you asking me to do?
Pick your favorite icon. Print it and tape it to your window, facing the street! Print out additional copies for your friends. Send the website and/or PDFs to everyone in your social network and tell them to do the same.

What will this accomplish?
We have to be honest: we’re limited in the ways we can fight this obscenity. The FBI, the Courts, and the Congress are all doing their part.  But there are thing we can do:
– We can remind both residents and visitors that DC rejects this President and his values.
– We can spark conversations, connections, and communion between good people who resist.
– We can reassure people that this shit has not been normalized and we have not given up.

What’s the end goal?
We’d like to see these signs up on every street in the District, so that no Administration official, businessperson, or visiting dignitary can miss it. We’d like it to be a regular conversation topic in the Oval Office.  We’d like people to feel uncomfortable.

How else can I help?
What a great question! You can:
1. Use your personal printer to print out more. Give them to complete strangers.
2. See if your organization would be willing to print 500 copies for our benefit.
3. Contact us (dcresists@gmail.com) to help distribute them on other DC streets.

Hey, I’d love to help out. What do you need?
Mostly we need people to print and/or help distribute. If you have the means to either print some up yourself (like 200 or more) or canvass a few streets in DC, please let us know! Just make sure to coordinate with us as we don’t want to duplicate efforts.

What if I’m a Republican/ Independent/ Libertarian/ Socialist/ Anarchist…?
That’s fine. Really! There are no ideological preconditions to supporting this, as long as you fundamentally believe in protecting the Constitution and the democratic norms that made us a great country. We can have individual disagreements on policy, and that’s OK.

Do I have to use the icon I got?  Can I use another one?
Of course!  Pick the one that speaks to you.  Just download it from the website, print it, and post it yourself.  Give your other ones to your friends!

Is this just for DC?
Yes– for now. We’ve already received requests for “VA RESISTS” and “MD RESISTS”. If someone wants to take up the work of organizing a sister campaign for their own state, we’re totally open to it. You’d need to take the initiative in identifying iconic images from your area, printing, and organizing for canvassing. (We can help with the graphic design.)

Don’t you want my money?
Oh, gee, that would be great! You’d be surprised how expensive it gets printing flyers for 750,000 people. Go to our Patreon page and click on “Become a Patron” to support our efforts.  If you’re in a position to give $5, $10, or $50 each month we will LOVE you and USE EVERY PENNY to print and distribute more flyers. We’re a ridiculously low-budget operation, so even $5 helps. (If the “tiers” don’t work for you, that’s totally fine– there’s an option for “Custom Pledge.”)

What if I can’t afford even $5?
If you can’t give, that’s fine.  Just make this the topic of every new conversation you have. “Hey, do you have a DCRESISTS poster in your window? Well WHY THE HELL NOT?”

Who are you, anyway? Are you some shady George Soros front?
I wish we were. Soros probably has more money in the cracks of his couch cushions than we’ll ever see. But whatever. No, we’re just three longtime DC residents wanting to do something about this shit. We’re keeping it on the DL because we have jobs.

Are you affiliated with any other “RESIST” groups?
No.  Not directly.  We’re keeping this simple. We wish them all the best.

How else can I use these?
Oh, I mean, put them up in the back window of your car… put them in the other windows… use them as a book cover… go wild. Just please make sure there’s one hanging up in your front window facing the street.

I live on a street that got canvassed. Why didn’t I get one?
Because we’re not delivering these through the post office, we’re limited to inserting them manually into people’s mailboxes, taping them to a door, or sometimes just pushing them through a mail slot. Sometimes mistakes happen. The good news is, you can print one directly from this site.

Don’t you have other swag?
We’re working on stickers. Stickers would be cool.  But they’re kinda expensive for a first run, so we’re hoping to gain a bit of financial support first.

How did this start?
A friend of ours got passed by the President’s motorcade and told us she wished she had some symbol of protest ready to flash at the windows so that no one in the cars (whoever they were) could possibly miss it. We thought that would be pretty cool… especially if everyone had the same(ish) image.

How did you design the images?
We needed something that was unique to DC but easily recognizable. We also wanted something classy, something people would feel proud to have in their windows.  We realized that DC is full of iconic statues remembering people who stood for courage and honesty and compassion and integrity.  We thought of how much contempt they would likely hold for this Administration.

One last thought?
What will you tell your children you did?